About Us

Founded in 2008, Arkkontrol Robotic Automation Systems Co. Ltd. is a company specialized in innovative robotic welding and laser cutting solutions across various fields of production. Embracing the power of industrial automation, we operate with a mission to provide the highest quality services in these sectors.

Collaboration with ABB and KUKA Robots

At Arkkontrol Robotics, we are the exclusive authorized value provider for ABB's robotic technology in welding applications in Türkiye. In addition to ABB, we also collaborate with KUKA Robots to expand our product range. While ABB robots offer high-precision and efficient automation solutions, KUKA robots find comprehensive applications in industrial production. Through our partnership with ABB and KUKA, we possess the capability to offer a wide range of robotic automation solutions across all production sectors where metal is processed.

Partnership with Fronius Welding

Since our inception, we have been enhancing our collaboration with Fronius, a leader in the welding sector in Europe and Türkiye. Through welding solutions that deliver excellent results in any environment and driven by a principle of 100% customer satisfaction, we provide value to our customers with a "minimum issues, maximum efficiency" approach.

Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturing

In 2021, Arkkontrol Robotics took a new step by venturing into the production of laser cutting machines for all sectors involving metal processing. This new product line stands out with its high precision and rapid production capabilities. Our laser cutting machines aim to provide customers with customized solutions tailored to the needs of various industries, thus offering a competitive advantage.

Advancing with Group Companies

At Arkkontrol Robotics, we believe in the power of collaboration and aim to extend our presence in the industry by sharing the experience and success we have gained in metal processing and welding to complementary sectors. In this regard, we take pride in presenting our partnership with Robinova and Metaform Mühendislik(Engineering) companies. While Robinova specializes in robotic projects outside the welding process, Metaform Mühendislik(Engineering) excels in the manufacturing of sheet metal forming molds, welding fixtures, and measurement control gauges. With these capabilities, we continue to optimize business processes by providing broader and more holistic process automation solutions to our customers.

Our Values

Localization: Recognizing the importance of local production and workforce, we commit to contributing to our production and development processes by utilizing local resources. We aim to support the local industry and strengthen economic sustainability by leveraging the potential of our country.

Local Collaborations: By establishing local collaborations and partnering with local suppliers, we strive to contribute to the local economy and support the growth of our sector. We acknowledge the strength of the local business community and aim to amplify this strength through our partnerships.

Local Talent Development: We emphasize supporting young talents and contributing to the development of local human resources through educational programs. By enhancing the skills of local engineers, designers, and experts, we aim to shed light on the future of our industry.

With these values, we aim to contribute to the construction of a sustainable future by maximizing our responsibility in localization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop effective and efficient robotic welding, laser cutting, and process automation solutions in all sectors of metal processing and production, assisting our customers in optimizing their business processes. By closely following technological innovations, we aspire to maintain our leadership position in robotic welding applications and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision is to take a pioneering position in all sectors of metal processing and other fields of production, becoming a brand that shapes the future of industrial production. By utilizing the best industry practices, offering sustainable and innovative solutions, we aim to become globally recognized as a company that designs and manufactures the entire process from the first to the last step, revolutionizing the metal processing industry.