Tiger Torch Clening Unit/ Cleaner Unit

* Our TIGER product, which we offer to our customers, is 100% domestic production.
* Our product is designed after detailed engineering work and produced carefully under continuous control processes.
* TIGER Torch Cleaning was created as a result of a collaborative work by taking the ideas of robot integrators and end-users.



TIGER-EMY (Milling and Spraying Unit) Full Set

TIGER-EMB (Milling and Spraying Unit + Wire Cutting Machine) Full Set

  • Nozzle internal cleaning with milling system after welding
  • Spraying system to prevent burr adhesion after cleaning
  • 1 lt burr liquid, penknife, valve and other connections are included.
  • Additional equipment added to the TIGER-EMY unit
  • TIGER-ESI wire cutting unit
TIGER-EMY – Ana Gövde • Lightweight and durable "Aluminium" body
• Burr guard housing made of stainless steel
• Pneumatic motor with planetary gear
• V-bearing seat adjustable for all torch nozzle types
• Manually adjustable spray system in accordance with Venturi principle
• Stainless steel and anodised elegant appearance
• Milling motor with limit setting
• Including valve and all other connections
• 24V supply voltage
• 6 bar/87 psi pneumatic connection
• Cleaning time : 5 sec (max)
• Dimensions : 180x170x310 (WxDxH , mm)
• Weight : 9 kg (including all visors and accessories)
• Protection class IP23 / IP code IP23 / Ingress protection rating IP23
TIGER-ESI - Wire Cut
• Special hardened cutting blades that can be used double-sided when blunted
• Can be mounted on the main cleaning body or in another independent area
• Stainless wire waste guard diversion container
• 24V supply voltage
• 6 bar/87 psi pneumatic connection
• Cutting time : 0.4 sec (max)x)
• Dimensions : 100x140x270 (WxDxH , mm)
• Weight : 4,4kg (including all visors and accessories)
• Protection class IP21 / IP code IP21 / Ingress protection rating IP21
TIGER-ESZ- System stand foot
• New compact design with height adjustment
• Including wire waste and burr waste container
• Dimensions: 700-1200 mm
TIGER-FZZ - Cleaning Mill
• Wear-resistant special hardened milling cutter
• Can be designed for any torch model
• See table for models and dimensions
BULLSEYE (TCP Calibration Device)
Avaliable only for ABB robots (for now)
• Bulls Eye offers the user the highest possible utilisation from your robot station, offers a fully automatic tool centre point calibration that ensures quality and productivity.
• Customised predefined programs, enable fully automatic tool centre point calibration during production execution, reducing run time to virtually zero.
• Weight: 1.6kg
• Dimensions: 250x26x160 (WxDxH , mm)
• Since the system works with compressed air, it is recommended that the air used passes through the conditioner and lubricant in order to extend the lifetime of the engine and other valves/equipment.
Every part of our TIGER robot torch cleaning station is in stock and can be supplied upon your request. We have all kinds of repair/maintenance services for your products under warranty or out of warranty.

    1. Wire cutting blades
    2. Milling and wire cutting guards
    3. Spray system parts
    4. Milling reamer
    5. Milling motor
    6. Waste bin / Sharps bin